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Reflexive pronouns refer to the subject of the sentence.

In English, we use these to refer to ourselves...
For Example:
I praise myself, you praise yourself, and they praise themselves.

In Latin, they are:
    sing   plur
1p  me     nos   (myself, ourselves)
2p  te     vos   (yourself, yourselves)
3p  se     se    (himself, themselves)
and, mirabile dictu, they can even be declined for uses other than accusative!
     First Person  Second Person  Third Person
     Sing  Plur    Sing  Plur     Sing  Plur
nom  -     -       -     -        -     -
gen  mei   nostri  tui   vestri   sui   sui
dat  mihi  nobis   tibi  vobis    sibi  sibi
acc  me    nos     te    vos      se    se (or sese)
abl  me    nobis   te    vobis    se    se (or sese)
English: "I blame myself."
Latin: "me accuso."

English: "You blame yourself."
Latin: "te accusas."

English: "He blames himself."
Latin: "se accusat."

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