Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Revelation
Book: Revelation
Chapter: 16

The first vial is poured out On the Earth, the second On the
Sea, the third On the rivers and fountains. (1-7) The fourth On
the Sun, the fifth On the seat of the Beast. (8-11) The sixth On
the great River Euphrates. (12-16) And the seventh On the Air,
when shall follow the Destruction of all antichristian enemies.

1-7 We are to pray that the will of God may be done On Earth as
it is done in Heaven. Here is a succession of terrible judgments
of Providence; and there seems to be an allusion to several of
the plagues of Egypt. The sins were alike, and So were the
punishments. The vials refer to the Seven Trumpets, which
represented the rise of Antichrist; and the fall of the enemies
of the Church shall Bear some resemblance to their rise. All
things throughout their Earth, their Air, their Sea, their
rivers, their cities, all are condemned to ruin, all accursed
for the wickedness of that people. No wonder that angels, who
Witness or execute the Divine vengeance On the obstinate haters
of God, of Christ, and of Holiness, praise his Justice and
Truth; and Adore his awful judgments, when he brings upon cruel
persecutors the tortures they made his saints and prophets

8-11 The Heart of Man is So desperately wicked, that the most
severe miseries never will bring any to repent, without the
special Grace of God. Hell itself is filled with blasphemies;
and those are ignorant of the history of human nature, of the
Bible, and of their own hearts, who do not know that the more
men suffer, and the more plainly they see the