Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Psalms
Book: Psalms
Chapter: 41

God's care for his people. (1-4) The treachery of David's
enemies. (5-13)

1-4 The people of God are not free from poverty, sickness, or
outward affliction, but the Lord will consider their case, and
send due supplies. From his Lord's Example the believer learns
to consider his Poor and afflicted brethren. This Branch of
Godliness is usually recompensed with temporal blessings. But
nothing is So distressing to the contrite believer, as a fear or
sense of the Divine displeasure, or of Sin in his Heart. Sin is
the sickness of the soul; pardoning Mercy heals it, renewing
Grace heals it, and for this spiritual healing we should be more
Earnest than for bodily health.

5-13 We complain, and justly, of the want of sincerity, and
that there is scarcely any true friendship to be found among
men; but the former days were No better. One particularly, in
whom David had reposed great confidence, took part with his
enemies. And let us not think it strange, if we receive evil
from those we suppose to be friends. Have not we ourselves thus
broken our words toward God? We eat of his Bread daily, yet lift
up the heel against him. But though we may not take pleasure in
the fall of our enemies, we may take pleasure in the making vain
their designs. When we can discern the Lord's favour in any
Mercy, personal or public, that doubles it. If the Grace of God
did not take constant care of us, we should not be upheld. But
let us, while On Earth, give heartfelt assent to those praises
which the redeemed On Earth and in Heaven render to their God
and Saviour.