Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Psalms
Book: Psalms
Chapter: 19

The Glory of God's Works. (1-6) His Holiness and Grace as
shown in his Word. (7-10) Prayer for the benefit of them.

1-6 The heavens So declare the Glory of God, and proclaim his
Wisdom, power, and Goodness, that all ungodly men are left
without excuse. They speak themselves to be Works of God's
hands; for they must have a Creator who is eternal, infinitely
Wise, powerful, and good. The counter-changing of Day and night
is a great proof of the power of God, and calls us to observe,
that, as in the kingdom of nature, So in that of Providence, he
forms the Light, and creates the Darkness, Isa 45:7, and sets
the one against the other. The Sun in the Firmament is an emblem
of the Sun of Righteousness, the Bridegroom of the Church, and
the Light of the world, diffusing Divine Light and Salvation By
his Gospel to the nations of the Earth. He delights to Bless his
Church, which he has espoused to himself; and his course will be
unwearied as that of the Sun, till the whole Earth is filled
with his Light and Salvation. Let us pray for the time when he
shall enlighten, cheer, and make fruitful every nation On Earth,
with the blessed Salvation. They have No speech or language, So
some read it, and yet their voice is heard. All people may hear
these preachers speak in their own tongue the wonderful Works of
God. Let us give God the Glory of all the comfort and benefit we
have By the lights of Heaven, still looking above and Beyond
them to the Sun of Righteousness.

7-10 The Holy Scripture is of much greater benefit to us than
Day or night, than the Air we breathe, or the Light of the Sun.
To recover Man out of his fallen state, there is need of the
Word of God. The Word translated "Law," may be rendered
doctrine, and be understood as meaning all that teaches us true
religion. The whole is perfect; its tendency is to convert or
turn the soul from Sin and the world, to God and Holiness. It
shows our sinfulness and misery in departing from God, and the
necessity of our return to him. This Testimony is sure, to be
fully depended On: the ignorant and unlearned believing what God
saith, become Wise unto Salvation. It is a sure direction in the
way of duty. It is a sure Fountain of living comforts, and a
sure foundation of lasting hopes. The statues of the Lord are
right, just as they should be; and, because they are right, they
rejoice the Heart. The Commandments of the Lord are pure, holy,
just, and good. By them we discover our need of a Saviour; and
then learn how to adorn his Gospel. They are the means which the
Holy Spirit uses in enlightening the eyes; they bring us to a
sight and sense of our Sin and misery, and direct us in the way
of duty. The fear of the Lord, that is, true religion and
Godliness, is Clean, it will cleanse our way; and it endureth
for ever. The ceremonial Law is long since done away, but the
Law concerning the fear of God is ever the same. The judgments
of the Lord, his precepts, are true; they are righteous, and
they are So altogether; there is No unrighteousness in any of
them. Gold is only for the body, and the concerns of time; but
Grace is for the soul, and the concerns of eternity. The Word of
God, received By Faith, is more precious than Gold; it is sweet
to the soul, sweeter than Honey. The pleasure of sense soon
surfeit, yet never satisfy; but those of religion are
substantial and satisfying; there is No danger of excess.

11-14 God's Word warns the wicked not to go On in his wicked
way, and warns the righteous not to turn from his good way.
There is a reward, not only after keeping, but in keeping God's
Commandments. Religion makes our comforts sweet, and our crosses
easy, Life truly valuable, and Death itself truly desirable.
David not only desired to be pardoned and cleansed from the sins
he had discovered and confessed, but from those he had forgotten
or overlooked. All discoveries of Sin made to us By the Law,
should drive us to the Throne of Grace, there to pray. His
dependence was the same with that of every Christian who says,
Surely in the Lord Jesus have I Righteousness and strength. No
Prayer can be acceptable before God which is not offered in the
strength of our Redeemer or Divine Kinsman, through Him who took
our nature upon him, that he might redeem us unto God, and
restore the long-lost inheritance. May our hearts be much
affected with the excellence of the Word of God; and much
affected with the evil of Sin, and the danger we are in of it,
and the danger we are in By it.