Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Nahum
Book: Nahum
Chapter: 1

The Justice and power of the Lord. (1-8) The overthrow of the
Assyrians. (9-15)

1-8 About a hundred years before, at Jonah's preaching, the
Ninevites repented, and were spared, yet, soon after, they
became worse than ever. Nineveh knows not that God who contends
with her, but is told what a God he is. It is good for all to
mix Faith with what is here said concerning Him, which speaks
great terror to the wicked, and comfort to believers. Let each
take his portion from it: let sinners read it and tremble; and
let saints read it and triumph. The Anger of the Lord is
contrasted with his Goodness to his people. Perhaps they are
obscure and little regarded in the world, but the Lord knows
them. The Scripture character of Jehovah agrees not with the
views of proud reasoners. The God and Father of our Lord Jesus
Christ is slow to wrath and ready to forgive, but he will By No
means acquit the wicked; and there is Tribulation and anguish
for every soul that doeth evil: but who duly regards the power
of his wrath?

9-15 There is a great Deal plotted against the Lord By the
gates of Hell, and against his kingdom in the world; but it will
prove in vain. With some sinners God makes quick despatch; and
one way or other, he will make an utter End of all his enemies.
Though they are quiet, and many very secure, and not in fear,
they shall be cut down as Grass and Corn, when the destroying
Angel passes through. God would hereby work great deliverance
for his own people. But those who make themselves vile By
scandalous sins, God will make vile By shameful punishments. The
tidings of this great deliverance shall be welcomed with
abundant joy. These words are applied to the great Redemption
wrought out By our Lord Jesus and the Everlasting Gospel, Ro
10:15. Christ's ministers are messengers of good tidings, that
preach peace By Jesus Christ. How welcome to those who see their
misery and danger By Sin! And the promise they made in the Day
of trouble must be made good. Let us be thankful for God's
ordinances, and gladly attend them. Let us look forward with
cheerful Hope to a world where the wicked never can enter, and
Sin and Temptation will No more be known.