Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Micah
Book: Micah
Chapter: 3

The cruelty of the princes, and the falsehood of the prophets.
(1-8) Their false security. (9-12)

1-8 Men cannot expect to do ill, and fare Well; but to find
that done to them which they did to others. How seldom do
wholesome truths reach the ears of those in high stations or in
authority! Those who deceive others are preparing confusion for
their own faces. The Prophet had ardent Love to God and to the
souls of men; Deep concern for his Glory and their Salvation,
and zeal against Sin. The difficulties he met with did not drive
him from his work. He had this strength; not from and of
himself, but he was full of power By the Spirit of the Lord.
Those who act honestly, may act boldly. And those who come to
hear the Word of God, must be willing to be told of their
faults, must take it kindly, and be thankful.

9-12 Zion's walls owe No thanks to those that build them up
with Blood and iniquity. The Sin of Man Works not the
Righteousness of God. Even when men do that which in itself is
good, but do it for filthy Lucre, it becomes Abomination both to
God and Man. Faith rests in the Lord as the soul's foundation:
presumption only leans upon the Lord as a prop, and would use
him to serve a turn. If men's having the Lord among them will
not keep them from doing evil, it never can secure them from
suffering evil for So doing. See the doom of wicked Jacob;
Therefore shall Zion for your sake be ploughed as a Field. This
was exactly fulfilled at the Destruction of Jerusalem By the
Romans, and is So at this Day. If sacred places are polluted By
Sin, they will be wasted and ruined By the Judgments of God.