Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Joshua
Book: Joshua
Chapter: 21

Cities for the Levites. (1-8) The cities allotted to the
Levites. (9-42) God gave the land and Rest to the Israelites,
according to his promise. (43-45)

1-8 The Levites waited till the other tribes were provided for,
before they preferred their claim to Joshua. They build their
claim upon a very good foundation; not their own merits or
services, but the Divine precept. The maintenance of ministers
is not a thing left merely to the will of the people, that they
may let them starve if they please; they which preach the Gospel
should live By the Gospel, and should live comfortably.

9-42 By mixing the Levites with the other tribes, they were
made to see that the eyes of all Israel were upon them, and
therefore it was their concern to walk So that their ministry
might not be blamed. Every Tribe had its share of Levites'
cities. Thus did God graciously provide for keeping up religion
among them, and that they might have the Word in all parts of
the land. Yet, blessed be God, we have the Gospel more diffused
amongst us.

43-45 God promised to give to the seed of Abraham the land of
Canaan for a possession, and now they possessed it, and dwelt
therein. And the promise of the heavenly Canaan is as sure to
all God's spiritual Israel; for it is the promise of Him that
cannot Lie. There stood not a Man before them. The
after-prevalence of the Canaanites was the effect of Israel's
slothfulness, and the Punishment of their sinful inclination to
the idolatries and abominations of the Heathen whom they
harboured and indulged. There failed not aught of any good
thing, which the Lord had spoken to the House of Israel. In due
season all his promises will be accomplished; then will his
people acknowledge that the Lord has exceeded their largest
expectations, and made them more than conquerors, and brought
them to their desired Rest.