Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Jeremiah
Book: Jeremiah
Chapter: 48

Prophecies against Moab for pride and security. (1-13) For
Carnal confidence and contempt of God. (14-47)

1-13. The Chaldeans are to destroy the Moabites. We should be
thankful that we are required to seek the Salvation of men's
lives, and the Salvation of their souls, not to shed their
Blood; but we shall be the more without excuse if we do this
pleasant work deceitfully. The cities shall be laid in ruins,
and the country shall be wasted. There will be great sorrow.
There will be great hurry. If any could give wings to sinners,
still they could not Fly out of the reach of Divine indignation.
There are many who persist in unrepented iniquity, yet long
enjoy outward prosperity. They had been long corrupt and
unreformed, secure and sensual in prosperity. They have No
changes of their peace and prosperity, therefore their hearts
and lives are unchanged, Ps 55:19.

14-47. The Destruction of Moab is further prophesied, to awaken
them By national Repentance and reformation to prevent the
trouble, or By a personal Repentance and reformation to prepare
for it. In reading this long Roll of threatenings, and meditating
On the terror, it will be of more use to us to keep in view the
power of God's Anger and the terror of his judgments, and to
have our hearts possessed with a holy awe of God and of his
wrath, than to search into all the figures and expressions here
used. Yet it is not perpetual Destruction. The Chapter ends with
a promise of their return out of Captivity in the latter days.
Even with Moabites God will not contend for ever, nor be always
wroth. The Jews refer it to the days of the Messiah; then the
captives of the Gentiles, under the Yoke of Sin and Satan, shall
be brought back By Divine Grace, which shall make them free