Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Jeremiah
Book: Jeremiah
Chapter: 36

Baruch is to write the prophecies of Jeremiah. (1-8) The
princes advise them to hide themselves. (9-19) The King having
heard a part, burns the Roll. (20-32)

1-8 The Writing of the Scriptures was By Divine appointment.
The Divine Wisdom directed to this as a proper means; if it
failed, the House of Judah would be the more without excuse. The
Lord declares to sinners the evil he purposes to do against
them, that they may hear, and fear, and return from their evil
ways; and whenever any one makes this use of God's warnings, in
dependence On his promised Mercy, he will find the Lord ready to
forgive his sins. All others will be left without excuse; and
the consideration that great is the Anger God has pronounced
against us for Sin, should quicken both our prayers and our

9-19 Shows of Piety and devotion may be found even among those,
who, though they keep up forms of Godliness, are strangers and
enemies to the power of it. The princes patiently attended the
reading of the whole Book. They were in great fear. But even
those who are convinced to the Truth and importance of what they
hear, and are disposed to favour those who preach it, often have
difficulties and reserves about their safety, interest, or
preferment, So that they do not act according to their
convictions, and try to get rid of what they find troublesome.

20-32 Those who despise the Word of God, will soon show, as
this King did, that they hate it; and, like him, they would wish
it destroyed. See what Enmity there is against God in the Carnal
mind, and wonder at his patience. The princes showed some
concern, till they saw how Light the King made of it. Beware of
making Light of God's Word!