Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Jeremiah
Book: Jeremiah
Chapter: 15

The Destruction of the wicked described. (1-9) The Prophet
laments such messages, and is reproved. (10-14) He supplicates
Pardon, and is promised protection. (15-21)

1-9 The Lord declares that even Moses and Samuel must have
pleaded in vain. The putting of this as a case, though they
should stand before him, shows that they do not, and that saints
in Heaven do not pray for saints On Earth. The Jews were
condemned to different kinds of misery By the righteous Judgment
of God, and the remnant would be driven away, like the Chaff,
into Captivity. Then was the populous City made desolate. Bad
examples and misused authority often produce fatal effects, even
after men are dead, or have repented of their crimes: this
should make all greatly dread being the occasion of Sin in

10-14 Jeremiah met with much contempt and reproach, when they
ought to have blessed him, and God for him. It is a great and
sufficient support to the people of God, that however
troublesome their way may be, it shall be Well with them in
their latter End. God turns to the people. Shall the most hardy
and vigorous of their efforts be able to contend with the
counsel of God, or with the Army of the Chaldeans? Let them hear
their doom. The enemy will treat the Prophet Well. But the
people who had great estates would be used hardly. All parts of
the country had added to the national guilt; and let each take
shame to itself.

15-21 It is matter of comfort that we have a God, to whose
knowledge of all things we may Appeal. Jeremiah pleads with God
for Mercy and relief against his enemies, persecutors, and
slanderers. It will be a comfort to God's ministers, when men
despise them, if they have the Testimony of their own
consciences. But he complains, that he found little pleasure in
his work. Some good people lose much of the pleasantness of
religion By the fretfulness and uneasiness of their natural
temper, which they indulge. The Lord called the Prophet to cease
from his distrust, and to return to his work. If he attended
thereto, he might be assured the Lord would deliver him from his
enemies. Those who are with God, and Faithful to him, he will
deliver from trouble or carry through it. Many things appear
frightful, which do not at all hurt a real believer in Christ.