Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Isaiah
Book: Isaiah
Chapter: 11

The peaceful character of Christ's kingdom and subjects. (1-9)
The Conversion of the Gentiles and Jews. (10-16)

1-9 The Messiah is called a Rod, and a Branch. The words
signify a small, tender product; a shoot, such as is easily
broken off. He comes forth out of the stem of Jesse; when the
royal family was cut down and almost levelled with the ground,
it would sprout again. The House of David was brought very low
at the time of Christ's Birth. The Messiah thus gave early
notice that his kingdom was not of this world. But the Holy
Spirit, in all his Gifts and graces, shall Rest and abide upon
him; he shall have the Fulness of the Godhead dwelling in him,

Col 1:19; 2:9. Many consider that Seven Gifts of the Holy
Spirit are here mentioned. And the doctrine of the influences of
the Holy Spirit is here clearly taught. The Messiah would be
just and righteous in all his government. His threatening shall
be executed By the working of his Spirit according to his Word.
There shall be great peace and quiet under his government. The
Gospel changes the nature, and makes those who trampled On the
meek of the Earth, meek like them, and kind to them. But it
shall be more fully shown in the latter days. Also Christ, the
great Shepherd, shall take care of his flock, that the nature of
troubles, and of Death itself, shall be So changed, that they
shall not do any real hurt. God's people shall be delivered, not
only from evil, but from the fear of it. Who shall separate us
from the Love of Christ? The better we know the God of Love, the
more shall we be changed into the same likeness, and the better
disposed to all who have any likeness to him. This knowledge
shall extend as The Sea, So far shall it spread. And of this
blessed power there have been witnesses in every Age of
Christianity, though its most glorious time, here foretold, is
not yet arrived. Meanwhile let us aim that our Example and
endeavours may help to promote the honour of Christ and his
kingdom of peace.

10-16 When the Gospel should be publicly preached, the Gentiles
would seek Christ Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, and find Rest
of soul. When God's time is come for the deliverance of his
people, mountains of opposition shall become plains before him.
God can soon turn gloomy days into glorious ones. And while we
expect the Lord to gather his ancient people, and bring them
home to his Church, also to bring in the Fulness of the
Gentiles, when all will be united in holy Love, let us tread the
Highway of Holiness he has made for his redeemed. Let us wait
for the Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal Life,
looking to him to prepare our way through Death, that River
which separates this world from the eternal world.