Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Ezekiel
Book: Ezekiel
Chapter: 7

The Desolation of the land. (1-15) The distress of the few who
should escape. (16-22) The Captivity. (23-27)

1-15 The abruptness of this Prophecy, and the many repetitions,
show that the Prophet was deeply affected By the prospect of
these calamities. Such will the Destruction of sinners be; for
none can avoid it. Oh that the wickedness of the wicked might
End before it bring them to an End! Trouble is to the impenitent
only an evil, it hardens their hearts, and stirs up their
corruptions; but there are those to whom it is sanctified By the
Grace of God, and made a means of much good. The Day of real
trouble is near, not a mere echo or rumour of troubles. Whatever
are the fruits of God's judgments, our Sin is the root of them.
These judgments shall be universal. And God will be glorified in
all. Now is the Day of the Lord's patience and Mercy, but the
time of the sinner's trouble is at Hand.

16-22 Sooner or later, Sin will cause sorrow; and those who
will not repent of their Sin, may justly be left to pine away in
it. There are many whose wealth is their Snare and ruin; and the
gaining the world is the losing of their souls. Riches profit
not in the Day of wrath. The wealth of this world has not that
in it which will answer the desires of the soul, or be any
satisfaction to it in a Day of distress. God's Temple shall
stand them in No stead. Those are unworthy to be honoured with
the form of Godliness, who will not be governed By its power.

23-27 Whoever break the Bands of God's Law, will find
themselves bound and held By the chains of his judgments. Since
they encouraged one another to Sin, God would dishearten them.
All must needs be in trouble, when God comes to Judge them
according to their deserts. May the Lord enable us to seek that
good part which shall not be taken away.