Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Ezekiel
Book: Ezekiel
Chapter: 4

The siege of Jerusalem. (1-8) The Famine the inhabitants would
suffer. (9-17)

1-8 The Prophet was to represent the siege of Jerusalem By
signs. He was to Lie On his left side for a number of days,
supposed to be equal to the years from the establishment of
Idolatry. All that the Prophet sets before the children of his
people, about the Destruction of Jerusalem, is to show that Sin
is the provoking cause of the ruin of that once flourishing

9-17 The Bread which was Ezekiel's support, was to be made of
coarse Grain and Pulse mixed together, seldom used except in
times of urgent scarcity, and of this he was only to take a
small quantity. Thus was figured the extremity to which the Jews
were to be reduced during the siege and Captivity. Ezekiel does
not plead, Lord, from my youth I have been brought up
delicately, and never used to any thing like this; but that he
had been brought up conscientiously, and never had eaten any
thing forbidden By the Law. It will be comfortable when we are
brought to suffer hardships, if our hearts can Witness that we
have always been careful to keep even from the appearance of
evil. See what woeful work Sin makes, and acknowledge the
Righteousness of God herein. Their plenty having been abused to
luxury and excess, they were justly punished By Famine. When men
serve not God with cheerfulness in the abundance of all things,
God will make them serve their enemies in the want of all