Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Ezekiel
Book: Ezekiel
Chapter: 39

The Destruction of Gog. (1-10) Its extent. (11-22) Israel
again favoured. (23-29)

1-10 The Lord will make the most careless and hardened
transgressors know his holy name, either By his righteous Anger,
or By the riches of his Mercy and Grace. The weapons formed
against Zion shall not prosper. Though this Prophecy is to be
fulfilled in the latter days, it is certain. From the language
used, it seems that the Army of Gog will be destroyed By

11-22 How numerous the enemies which God destroyed for the
defence of his people Israel! Times of great deliverances should
be times of reformation. Every one should help the utmost he
can, toward cleansing the land from reproach. Sin is an enemy
every Man should strive against. Those engaged in public work,
especially of cleansing and reforming a land, ought to be men
who will go through with what they undertake, who will be always
employed. When good work is to be done, every one should further
it. Having received special favours from God, let us cleanse
ourselves from all evil. It is a work which will require
persevering diligence, that search may be made into the secret
recesses of Sin. The judgments of the Lord, brought upon Sin and
sinners, are a Sacrifice to the Justice of God, and a Feast to
the Faith and Hope of God's people. See how evil pursues
sinners, even after Death. After all that ambitious and covetous
men do and look for, "a place of graves" is all the Lord gives
them On Earth, while their guilty souls are doomed to misery in
another world.

23-29 When the Lord shall have Mercy On the whole House of
Israel, By converting them to Christianity, and when they shall
have borne the shame of being cast off for their sins, then the
nations shall learn to know, Worship, and serve him. Then Israel
also shall know the Lord, as revealed in and By Christ. Past
events do not answer to these predictions. The pouring out of
the Spirit is a Pledge that God's favour will continue. He will
hide his Face No more from those On whom he has poured out his
Spirit. When we pray that God would never cast us from his
presence, we must as earnestly pray that, in order thereto, he
would never take his Holy Spirit from us.