Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: 2 Kings
Book: 2 Kings
Chapter: 24

Jehoiakim subdued By Nebuchadnezzar. (1-7) Jehoiachin Captive
in Babylon. (8-20)

1-7 If Jehoiakim had served the Lord, he had not been servant
to Nebuchadnezzar. If he had been content with his servitude,
and true to his Word, his condition had been No worse; but,
rebelling against Babylon, he plunged himself into more trouble.
See what need nations have to lament the sins of their fathers,
lest they smart for them. Threatenings will be fulfilled as
certainly as promises, if the sinner's Repentance prevent not.

8-20 Jehoiachin reigned but three months, yet long enough to
show that he justly smarted for his fathers' sins, for he trod
in their steps. His uncle was intrusted with the government.
This Zedekiah was the last of the Kings of Judah. Though the
Judgments of God upon the three Kings before him might have
warned him, he did that which was evil, like them. When those
intrusted with the counsels of a nation act unwisely, and
against their true interest, we ought to notice the displeasure
of God in it. It is for the sins of a people that God hides from
them the things that belong to the public peace. And in
fulfilling the secret purposes of his Justice, the Lord needs
only leave men to the blindness of their own minds, or to the
lusts of their own hearts. The gradual approach of Divine
judgments affords sinners space for Repentance, and believers
leisure to prepare for meeting the calamity, while it shows the
obstinacy of those who will not forsake their sins.