Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: 2 Kings
Book: 2 Kings
Chapter: 19

Hezekiah receives an answer of peace. (1-7) Sennacherib's
Letter. (8-19) His fall is prophesied. (20-34) The Assyrian Army
destroyed, Sennacherib slain. (35-37)

1-7 Hezekiah discovered Deep concern at the dishonour done to
God By Rabshakeh's Blasphemy. Those who speak from God to us, we
should in a particular manner desire to speak to God for us. The
great Prophet is the great Intercessor. Those are likely to
prevail with God, who lift up their hearts in Prayer. Man's
extremity is God's opportunity. While his servants can speak
nothing but terror to the profane, the proud, and the
hypocritical, they have comfortable words for the discouraged

8-19 Prayer is the never-failing resource of the tempted
Christian, whether struggling with outward difficulties or
inward foes. At the Mercy-seat of his almighty Friend he opens
his Heart, spreads his case, like Hezekiah, and makes his
Appeal. When he can discern that the Glory of God is engaged On
his side, Faith gains the victory, and he rejoices that he shall
never be moved. The best pleas in Prayer are taken from God's

20-34 All Sennacherib's motions were under the Divine
cognizance. God himself undertakes to defend the City; and that
person, that place, cannot but be safe, which he undertakes to
protect. The invasion of the Assyrians probably had prevented
the land from being sown that Year. The next is supposed to have
been the sabbatical Year, but the Lord engaged that the produce
of the land should be sufficient for their support during those
two years. As the performance of this promise was to be after
the Destruction of Sennacherib's Army, it was a sign to
Hezekiah's Faith, assuring him of that present deliverance, as
an Earnest of the Lord's future care of the Kingdom of Judah.
This the Lord would perform, not for their Righteousness, but
his own Glory. May our hearts be as good ground, that his Word
may strike root therein, and bring forth Fruit in our lives.

35-37 That night which followed the sending of this message to
Hezekiah, the main body of their Army was slain. See how weak
the mightiest men are before Almighty God. Who ever hardened
himself against Him and prospered? The King of Assyria's own
sons became his murderers. Those whose children are undutiful,
ought to consider whether they have not been So to their Father
in Heaven? This history exhibits a strong proof of the good of
firm trust and confidence in God. He will afflict, but not
forsake his people. It is Well when our troubles drive us to our
knees. But does it not reprove our unbelief? How unwilling are
we to Rest On the declaration of Jehovah! How desirous to know
in what way he will save us! How impatient when relief is
delayed! But we must wait for the fulfilling of his Word. Lord,
help our unbelief.