Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: 2 Chronicles
Book: 2 Chronicles
Chapter: 32

The invasion of Sennacherib, His defeat. (1-23) Hezekiah's
sickness, His prosperous reign, and Death. (24-33)

1-23 Those who trust God with their safety, must use proper
means, else they tempt him. God will provide, but So must we
also. Hezekiah gathered his people together, and spake
comfortably to them. A believing confidence in God, will raise
us above the prevailing fear of Man. Let the good subjects and
soldiers of Jesus Christ, Rest upon his Word, and boldly say,
Since God is for us, who can be against us? By the favour of
God, enemies are lost, and friends gained.

24-33 God left Hezekiah to himself, that, By this trial and his
weakness in it, what was in his Heart might be known; that he
was not So perfect in Grace as he thought he was. It is good for
us to know ourselves, and our own weakness and sinfulness, that
we may not be conceited, or self-confident, but may always live
in dependence upon Divine Grace. We know not the corruption of
our own hearts, nor what we shall do if God leaves us to
ourselves. His Sin was, that his Heart was lifted up. What need
have great men, and good men, and useful men, to study their own
infirmities and follies, and their obligations to free Grace,
that they may never think highly of themselves; but Beg
earnestly of God, that he will always keep them humble! Hezekiah
made a bad return to God for his favours, By making even those
favours the Food and Fuel of his pride. Let us shun the
occasions of Sin: let us avoid the company, the amusements, the
books, yea, the very sights that may administer to Sin. Let us
commit ourselves continually to God's care and protection; and
Beg of him never to leave us nor forsake us. Blessed be God,
Death will soon End the believer's conflict; then pride and
every Sin will be abolished. He will No more be tempted to
withhold the praise which belongs to the God of his Salvation.