Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: 1 Samuel
Book: 1 Samuel
Chapter: 10

Samuel anoints Saul. (1-8) Saul prophesies. (9-16) Saul Chosen
King. (17-27)

1-8 The sacred anointing, then used, pointed at the great
Messiah, or Anointed One, the King of the Church, and High
Priest of our profession, who was anointed with the Oil of the
Spirit, not By Measure, but without Measure, and above all the
priests and princes of the Jewish Church. For Saul's further
satisfaction, Samuel gives him some signs which should come to
pass the same Day. The first place he directs him to, was the
Sepulchre of one of his ancestors; there he must be reminded of
his own mortality, and now that he had a Crown before him, must
think of his Grave, in which all his honour would be laid in the
Dust. From the time of Samuel there appears to have been
schools, or places where pious young men were brought up in the
knowledge of Divine things. Saul should find himself strongly
moved to join with them, and should be turned into another Man
from what he had been. The Spirit of God changes men,
wonderfully transforms them. Saul, By praising God in the
Communion of saints, became another Man, but it may be
questioned if he became a new Man.

9-16 The signs Samuel had given Saul, came to pass punctually;
he found that God had given him another Heart, another
disposition of mind. Yet let not an outward show of devotion,
and a sudden change for the present, be too much relied On; Saul
among the prophets was Saul still. His being anointed was kept
private. He leaves it to God to carry On his own work By Samuel,
and sits still, to see how the matter will fall.

17-27 Samuel tells the people, Ye have this Day rejected your
God. So little fond was Saul now of that power, which soon
after, when he possessed it, he could not think of parting with,
that he hid himself. It is good to be conscious of our
unworthiness and insufficiency for the services to which we are
called; but men should not go into the contrary extreme, By
refusing the employments to which the Lord and the Church Call
them. The greater part of the people treated the matter with
indifference. Saul modestly went home to his own House, but was
attended By a band of men whose hearts God disposed to support
his authority. If the Heart bend at any time the right way, it
is because He has touched it. One touch is enough when it is
Divine. Others despised him. Thus differently are men affected
to our exalted Redeemer. There is a remnant who submit to him,
and follow him wherever he goes; they are those whose hearts God
has touched, whom he has made willing. But there are others who
despise him, who ask, How shall this Man save us? They are
offended in him, and they will be punished.