Moderately entertaining film, mostly because Jackie Chan pulls off the fish out of water role perfectly, and Chris Tucker does what he does best, be annoying. The thing that left a real sour taste w/r/t the movie was that all characters were propelled entirely by ego; I don’t like egotistical characters. That’s just me, though. It is just an action film.

The action sequences are great fun, though. It made me want to beat up people and start taking some martial arts again, so . . . it was cool.

Of course, a sequel is in production

Directed by
Brett Ratner

Writing credits
Ross LaManna, Jim Kouf

Genre: Action / Comedy

Tagline: Pals Forever. If they can get past today. (more)

Plot Outline: Two cops team up to get back a kidnapped daughter.

Major Cast:
Ken Leung: Sang
Jackie Chan: Detective Inspector Lee
Tom Wilkinson Thomas Griffin/Juntao
Tzi Ma: Consul Han
Julia Hsu: Soo Yung
Chris Tucker: Det. James Carter, LAPD
and the unforgettable
Robert Littman: First Caucasian

PG-13 (Violence, Language)
Language: Cantonese / English