In case you missed it, yesterday there was a revolution in Yugoslavia. You could watch it on TV, you can read about it on the 'net. You could see thousands of people storming the Federal Parliament in Belgrade.

Slobodan Milosevic was the president, but then he lost the election, and the feeling was that he wouldn't give up power, I think. These things are never simple in revolutions. Vojislav Kostunica is now president, he had won the September 24, 2000 elections. However, Milosevic says he will remain in politics in Serbia. However, war crime charges are becoming more likely, and Russia will not be offering Milosevic asylum.

I hear that watching the revolution take place was a wonderful affair, but I was at work. Thousands stormed the parliament building, and one person I spoke to said, "Revolution is beautiful."

Part of me wants to see that for myself, not through a TV, either.

Thanks for clearing things up, Fricto.