"My dad's in there, he's like a GOD to me. My GOD's in there, he's like a Dad to me." -- SJB

Poet, dead. Died in 1991 of a self-inflicted wound to his throat.

He has at least three books out, one called "More Noise Please", but good luck finding any of them.

SubPop released an album in 1992 of his stuff called "Prison", it's spoken word with really kinda cool background noise. Details of that album:

Produced and arranged by Steve Fisk, assembled and mixed in Seattle. Track list:

No No Man (part one)
Morning in the Sub-Basement of Hell
More Noise Please
The Sport (part one)
Party Balloon
This Clouded Heart
The Man Upstairs
The Sport (part two)
No No Man (part two)

I've noded the words to Party Balloon, but find the CD. It's worth it.