Today is my girlfriends birthday. I'm poor and can't afford to get anything for her. She's wonderful, and I'm thinking that maybe I'm not really really really 100% happy with the relationship as it stands right now.

I'm tired right now. Still, I don't feel exhausted. I'm still reading Infinite Jest, Memoirs of a Beatnik, and writing a lot myself.

The question with the girlfriend is should I try and fix the relationship that we've had for nearly 6 years? She's, basically, my first girlfriend, but in my dealings with her, I find myself continually simply refering to her as friend.

Another woman told me I was a wonderful man today. She said, "I love you." I make her feel wonderful, I make her feel alive. My girlfriend says the same thing.

I hope I can come up with rent money.

No matter what happens, I just want to be sure I have some friends left after this.