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Satan Fills out a [job application]:

"Please list here any other [alias]es or [pseudonyms] you may have used in the past for [employment] or [school]ing:"

[Satan] (Job 1:6-9; Matt. 4:10) Translated: '[adversary], one who withstands.'

The [Devil] (Matt. 4:1, 5, 9; Eph. 4:27; Rev. 12:9; 20:2) [Greek] word [diabollos]: "slanderer, defamer."

The [Serpent]. Duh. [Genesis] and [Revelation].

[Lucifer] (Isa. 14:12) [Latin] for "the bringer of light."

[The Evil One] (John 17:15; 1 John 5:9)

The [Dragon] (Rev. 12:7)

The [Dark Prince] or [Dark Ruler] (John 12:31)

The [God of This World] or [God of This Age|Age] (2 Cor. 4:4) This is especially predominant with the paranoid people who think the world is ending.

The [Prince of the Power of the Air] (Eph. 2:2a) AKA "our" (humanity's) air.

The [Accuser of the Brethren] or just The [Accuser] (Rev. 12:10) [Greek] "accuser" is kathgor.

The [Tempter] (Matt. 4:3; 1 Thess. 3:5) You know you want an [apple].

[Belial] (2 Cor 6:15) This means "worthless" or "hopeless ruin." Fun stuff.

[Beelzebul], [Beelzebub], [Beelzeboul] or (Matt. 12:24; Mark 3:22) "[lord of the dung]," "[lord of the flies]," these are used to make fun of our [friend] Satan. (3) Beelzeboul: "the lord of the dwelling." It's not the most popular but is mostly correct . . .

[Abaddon], [Apollyon] (Rev 9:11) Destroyer.

The [Proud One] The [five "I wills"] (Isaiah 14:12-14)

The [Father of Lies] (John 8:44)

[A False Angel of Light] (2 Corinthians 11:14)

Here is a larger list with less information about each one. I'll node the individual entries instead.

Also, some people have issues with these names and [faith]s used in a node about [Satan], but I'm gonna keep them here because they can and are and were used as alternate names for, could it be, Satan(?). I guess this could also be a list of [rough] equivalents.

[Abaddon] [Hebrew] The destroyer
[Adramelech] [Samarian] Devil
[Ahpuch] [Mayan] Devil
[Ahriman] [Mazdean] Devil
[Amon] [Egyptian] Ram-head, god of life and [reproduction]
[Apolloyon] [Greek] Synonym for Satan, the [arch-fiend]
[Asmodeus] [Hebrew] Devil of [sensual]ity and [luxury], the god formerly known as "[Creature of Judgment]"
[Astaroth] [Phoenician] Goddess == Babylonian [Ishtar]
[Azazel] Hebrew Taught man weapons of [war], [make-up]
[Baalberith] [Canaanite] Lord of the covenant who was later made a devil
[Balaam] Hebrew Devil of avarice and greed
[Baphomet] [Templar] symbolic of Satan
[Bast] [Egyptian] Goddess of pleasure: [cat]
[Beelzebub] Hebrew [Lord of the Flies]: [scarab]
[Behemoth] Hebrew [Pachyderm] satan.
[Beherit] [Syriac] Satan
[Bilé] [Celtic] [God of Hell]
[Chemosh] [National] god of [Moabites], later a devil
[Cimeries] Rides a [black horse], rules [Africa]
[Coyote] [American Indian] Devil
[Dragon] [Philistine] Avenging Devil of the sea
[Damballa] [Voodoo] serpent god
[Demogorgon] [Greek] Name of the Devil, it should not be known to [mortal]s
[Diabolus] [Greek] "flowing downwards"
[Dracula] [Romanian] Name for Devil
[Emma-O] [Japanese] Ruler of Hell
[Euronymous] Greek Prince of Death
[Fenriz] [Son of Loki], depicted as a wolf
[Gorgo] [Greek] dim. of [Demogorgan]
[Haborym] [Hebrew] Synonym for Satan
[Hecate] [Greek] [Goddess] of the underworld and [witchcraft]
[Ishtar] [Babylonian] [Goddess] of [fertility]
[Kali] [Hindu] Daughter of [Shiva], high priestess of the [Thuggees]
[Lilith] [Hebrew] [Female Devil], [Adam]'s first wife (And you thought [Eve] had a bad rap)
[Loki] [Teutonic] Devil
[Marmmon] [Aramaic] God of wealth and profit
[Mania] [Etruscan] Goddess of Hell
[Mantus] [Etruscan] God of Hell
[Marduk] God of the city of [Babylon]
[Mastema] [Hebrew] Synonym for Satan
[Malek Taus] [Yezdi] Devil
[Mephistopheles] Greek [He who shuns the light], q. v. [Faust]
[Metztli] [Aztec] [Goddess of the Night]
[Mictian] [Aztec] [God of Death]
[Midgard] [Son of Loki], depicted as a serpent
[Milcom] [Ammonite] Devil
[Moloch] [Phoenician] and [Canaanite] Devil
[Mormo] Greek Kings of the [Ghouls], consort of [Hecate]
[Naamah] Hebrew Female Devil of [Seduction]
[Nergal] [Babylonian] God of [Hades]
[Nihasa] [American Indian] Devil
[Nija] [Polish] God of the Underworld
[O-Yamma] [Japanese] Satan
[Pan] Greek God of [lust], later relegated to [devildom]
[Pluto] [Greek] God of the Underworld
[Proserpine] Greek Queen of the underworld
[Pwcca] [Welsh] Satan
[Rimmon] Syrian Devil worshipped at Damascus
[Sabazios] [Phrygian] Identified with Dionysos, snake worship
[Saitan] [Enochian] Equivalent of Satan
[Sammael] Hebrew "Venom of God"
[Samnu] Central [Asian] Devil
[Sedit] American Indian Devil
[Sekhmet] [Egyptian] Goddess of [Vengeance]
[Set] [Egyptian] Devil
[Shaitan] Arabic Satan
[Shiva] [Hindu] [The Destroyer]
[Supay] [Inca] God of the underworld
[T'an-mo] [Chinese] Counterpart to the devil, [covetousness], desire
[Tchort] [Russian] Satan "Black God"
[Tezcatlipoca] [Aztec] God of Hell
[Thamuz] [Sumerian] God, later relegated to devildom
[Thoth] [Egyptian] God of [magic]
[Tunrida] [Scandinavian] Female Devil
[Typhon] [Greek] Personification of Satan
[Yaotzin] [Aztec] God of Hell
[Yen-lo-Wang] [Chinese] Ruler of Hell