Shit. Well, today, tiring. Me and Bryon, a friend of mine, are writing a story where the overarching premise is that ownership is theft, and we still think that's a good idea, but it seems that every idea we had that worked within that premise was cliched and done before. {sigh}. It's slightly depressing.

I found out that the Blue Meanies will be playing in my backyard on October 26, 2000. That's the day after my birthday, but I'm working anyway, and I've never been a big fan.

I'm still out of soda-pop. I had 2 hot dogs and 1 cup of rice to eat today.

A friend of mine that was coming down to visit, then wasn't, has once again, decided to come and visit, and I couldn't get the newspapers that he wanted so he could look for a job.

I'm kind of depressed right now. I'm kind of tired and bored and lonely. My roommates that I enjoy hanging out with have decided to go out. I may call someeone else I know and see if we can cheer each-other up, I don't think she will come out.

I called my girlfriend, too, but she had an old friend over at her place. She seemed like she was having fun. Good for her, you know. Good for her. I stayed home. I spent about two hours crying for no reason.

It's these times that I'm glad I'm broke, or else I'd probably go out and buy lots of drugs and/or liquor. I just want someone to be with, to talk to, something. It's these times that are hardest on me to. I would play my guitar, but I know I'll end up breaking it in frustration.