Weekend log, actually.

Friday was good, I went home after work when my girlfriend came to pick me up. It was Fall Break, which means that we got a Friday off from class, but I still had to work. Sux. I did fall in love with my girlfriend again Friday. That happens a lot when I see her after a long time of not seeing her. She fell asleep about 9 pm, and I stayed up and wrote a bit. I had, sometime, gotten a postcard from Segnbora-t of Weeki Wachee Mermaids in Florida. I have actually been there. Pretty cool, to bad someone deleted the Everything Mailing Address Registry.

Saturday was nice. We went to a park and took a walk down the Rock River. We were going to go and see a movie, I think it was Meet The Parents. We didn't. Actually, we were let in on some knowledge of a stand-up comic was going to be performing, but they canceled because of low ticket sales. My girlfriend fell asleep about 10 pm. Me and another friend went out and talked. We discussed ideas for an Internet Start-up, and I realized that what I wanted to do was like Everything2, except multi-media and moderated for increased accuracy. Then we talked about my situation with Two Women. I love them both, but I think one is holding me back.

Sunday, I break up with my girlfriend for about an hour, then we get back together and I realize I love her too much than is probably healthy. So, now, we are back together and we made-up and stuff and now I'm back where I was Friday, except now I'm sure I cannot leave my girlfriend. I think polyamory will not be looked upon like a valid alternative by the women.

I started to write something, and I think I'm kind of stuck. "I hate my omni-benevolence." Yeah. Why must I be so nice? The world would be an easier place if I were just an asshole.