Comes out today.

I've heard this. At first, No Sir, I didn't like it., but I just listened, really listened, to it two times through, and I need this album. I feel like crying.

The first time I heard this, I thought there would be some cool guitar parts, there isn't, really. It's not nearly as guitar-based as OK Computer, matter of fact, the track Optimistic is the only one that has a solid guitar feel. How To Disappear Completely has some simple guitar stuff there, too, in a rhythm capacity. This is not a bad thing. I just noticed because I play guitar.

This is the kind of album that's totally screwed up, but wonderful. While Thorke's voice is kinda of hard to understand for me, what I can understand is amazing, and the song titles (How to Disappear Completely) are brilliant as well.

However: This is going to probably going to be praised by critics, and no-one will buy the record. I hope I'm wrong. I know I want to buy it. I don't know, but every album like this that comes out and flops commercially gets me depressed. I know commerical success is not the end-all, but each "good" album that flops means soneone in the industry is thinking that these kind of records aren't a good thing. I know, check out indy labels, etc. Still, I mean, I can have fun, but I need new music that's serious about what it's saying, and not just trying to ride whatever's hot.