You may as well yell, "Keep your rock out of my blues," or "Keep your south out of my rock," whatever. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it isn't acceptable or even good.

You can't argue someone into {dis}liking music.

Rant and rave all you want, cross-breeding music is what's kept it interesting and new.

If you don't like it, change the channel.

Blame nobody but yourself and limitations as a listener. Chances are that you aren't the target audience. True punks don't play music for classical fans, after all.

"Keep your classical out of my progressive rock." Ha!

File under: Your radical ideas about new metal. . .

All detracters: Whether or not I like Limp Bizkit or whatever, does not detract from the genre.

Maybe I'm not listening to the same rap-rock or nu-metal you guys are, I'll admit. I prefer "intelligent" music, whatever the fuck that is, but the few bands I have latched onto in this new wave of metal have been more intelligent than their average counterparts.

A few years ago, there was a band named Mudvayne in Peoria, Illinois. They play what might be construed as nu-metal, whatever. This was before the huge explosion, limp bizkit was still being mocked for pay for play and Korn was, well, Korn (say what you will, but Korn might have the darkest platinum selling record, ever).

Guess what. They {mudvayne} are smart guys. Their lyrics showed it. They weren't as tight, musically, but they were younger. They had talent. They're album has themes of human evolution and other fun things.

One of the guitarists for Slipknot loves the guitar wankage that was so popular back in the 80's (Joe Satriani and Steve Vai being notable examples). Plays it regularly. While I don't like it, it takes skill. Eddie Van Halen is dumb, but that doesn't make Eruption any less awe-inspiring.

In closing:

I'm ashamed at my fellow noder's mass generalizations, regardless of their perceived truth by any number of people.

Now's time for mine: Your reations against what you see as a dumb fad are quite obviously the result of a reactionary stance towards the media. "If it's on MTV it must be bad!" Busta Rhymes is on MTV. Nirvana was/is on MTV. Hell, I once saw a Lynyrd Skynard video on MTV. You get the idea I'm heading for, don't you?

Whatever, believe what you will, you still can't argue someone out of or into liking music. Say what you want. You are free.