So, my daughter wouldn't sleep unless we held her last night. I get headaches when I sit in chairs to sleep too long.

My mom wants us to go to Summerfest up in Milwalkee, Wisconsin. I really can't afford to go.

It's just one of those days. I thought of an idea for a novel. I hope I can write it without fucking it up.

Saw the most beautiful w/u I've seen in a while: HOWTO: build a lasting peace in the Middle East.

Still, some part of me wants to hurt. Part of me wants terror. I want to feel pain perfectly. Wrote a song with that title. I want to be a victim. How sick. I already feel vaguely persecuted for being an atheist or sorts.

Still unemployed.

Must be going, mom will be upset if I don't get there soon with my daughter. Somehow she's the most beautiful thing in the world.