Dad Diary: Entry 1

This is my little spot to talk about little ones. As a first time to-be father, I've got a lot of questions and things I've noticed.

Like, for instance, clothing. Why is it they always say stuff like I love mommy, but it's also like, #1 Dad. Is it a competition?

Clothes made for premature babies are kind of weird.

Eddie Bauer baby stuff probably wouldn't be all that bad if it wasn't plastered with the damn logo. Maybe. Too expensive, too. It's like a whole life style, to integrate fully with your Eddie Bauer limited edition SUV.

Supposedly, baby can hear now. I wonder if listening to Fantomas in the car will be detrimental to its sense of rhythm.

Even if baby toys should be black and white and red because they can't see color, parents still like bright colors.

I'll be back later, probably with more. Probably not dealing with baby, just my neurosis.

The child is due April 30, 2002.