Dad Diary, entry 3(?)

I felt it move yesterday or the day before. I'm changing over to night shift and it's a little hard to recall what day is what.

But, I felt it move. Eerie, you know. Like, the first time you hear it's heart, part of you doesn't believe it because it's through a machine. The ultrasound is a little harder to ignore, but entirely possible, especially when it blocks the view of the genitals.

Why is the gender a big deal? I don't know. Time to buy appropriate laytex paint, I suppose.

But feeling it, even the gentle little nudge that could have been anything from mom's gas to a random twitch muscles have sometimes.

The little fucker is alive in there. Another human being, and I can feel it moving now.

It's a little different for me than when a friend was pregnant, she was kind of thin, and so you could see, like, feet sticking out and nearly fully tracable in the toe-ball-heel major kind of resolution.

But this is my offspring, even though I am choiceless about bringing it into the world and the interesting times in which we now live, and for some reason I feel endless hope about this hopeless situation.

There's something beautiful about someone throwing themselves against a brick wall.

End Dad Diary

Ended my job at Belvidere National Bank, started a new job at LifeTouch Publishing doing Page Assembly on old beige PowerMac G3s in Loves Park, IL. We make yearbooks for Grade School, Middle School, and High Schools. Part of the first day is involved in looking at the funny names of all the kids.

Related to Dad Diary. I kept wondering if I'd stumble across something I liked.

Came home, made 2 4 chesse pizza Hot Pockets. Tryed to get mom in bed, but because the bed "sags" in the middle, it makes her back hurt.

I kind of wanted a Cajon Chicken Bread Bowl Salad with French dressing from the 24-hour Perkins, but it was closed for cleaning season.

Officially decided I didn't have the time to give my e2 mentoree exactly what he/she needed, because of my life and lack thereof.

Whatever. It's time for bed now. It's been real.