The following assumes this isn't false information.

Okay, I had thought about leaving it at that, because, well, I thought it would be funny. But I figure I should explain.

Information is harmless. It is inanimate. It is a gun. There is nothing inherantly wrong with guns, it's what people do with them. However, I don't think that said information is always used in a harmless fashion, like a gun.

The information on, while distasteful to some, is simply unpleasent only because we have developed such a response to it. Most of us see a bloody asshole and go "Eww, gross," but some are attracted to it, or think it funny, etc.

The reason I am not sad or whatever about that site is because now I know that I think big, gaping asses are pretty gross. I can deal with this information, and I can digest it, and decide that it is or is not a good thing, which it is not, however, I don't regret the information I am exposed to, because then I can make more informed decisions about other things, like I think that guy might have a rectal problem.

I'm not replying to AntonZ, but the question in the title is regarding information that I would rather not have. And, as such, I'd have to say no.