Humble Gods {Cape Canaveral, Florida}

As a child I stole some binoculars from my little sister,
She had gotten them from a cereal box,
And I looked up at the skies overwhelmed by size.

Dreams of floating in space come to me often,
Pushing out everything else from sex to drugs to delusions of grandeur,
Floating past planets, I can never touch their ground
(If they even have a ground).
The only reason to live forever
Is experience. The only way to live forever is resonance,
Through the ages
Through the gods
Never strain
Never break
Never think to question why.

Intensity in shit: our life,
Complacence is the only great barrier from flying like gods in the heavens

As an adult, I bought a telescope from some store,
Using money I would have used to buy shit I didn't need,
I looked up in the sky, and was once again overwhelmed by size.