Halloween. Everybody was dressed up but me. This is not a problem. "Maybe I'll go as a normal for Halloween," I say to Joel, a co-worker and good aquaintance. I ask if he has makeup for me to borrow, black. He doesn't think so, but he'll look. I follow, we end up walking down the street, and Joel turns into Rob, a good friend of mine. We come across a giant phone pole, and some type of insect, but it has too many legs (12? 10? I dunno) is on there, but it's huge. Like a bug you'd keep for a pet or something out of the rain forest.

Rob goes over to do something that I can't quite see. Everything looks bigger than it should be, like in the giant world from Mario 64 or whatever. The giant insects multiply, attack Rob. I see a giant ant and a huge butterfly (monarch). This is when I realize I'm dreaming. Obvious.

I wake up still in a dream. I'm supposed to meet my girlfriend, but she's not there yet, and we're on everything2 chatting. This is where I wake up . . . she's still not here.

I felt the need to write this dream down because it's been the first in a while I've remembered.

When I woke up, my hard drive was defragging. It sounded like an insect.