I go to this large department store/restaurant, and I go and watch this salesman rip off someone. Then I go and pay the bill from the restaurant w/ my girlfriend, Amanda.

I walk outside, I'm with the wrong Amanda. Instead of my girlfriend, I'm with this other woman I've been thinking about in the biblical sense named Amanda, and I'm not happy about those thoughts (out of the dream). I pick her up and carry her around, she is so light. But then we stumble across my girlfriends house, which looks dilapidated.

I'm alone now, the other Amanda has left me, and so I walk up to the house and try and find my girlfriend. I find her, but I don't want to see her mother for some reason. I'm deathly afraid of the woman in the dream. Finally, she spots me, and I'm with my girlfriend again. Eventually, they talk me into seeing what they've done with the place, and I go downstairs into the basement, which, as I'm sitting here awake, looks more like something out of Blair Witch Project than her actual basement. Then I walk past some rats which have been staked into the ground. This is where I decide that it's probably a good idea to get the fuck out of here.

As I turn and bolt for the door, I can hear my future in-laws beckoning for my demise. I turn around the wrong corridor, of course(!), and stumble into a room with sawblades in the walls. For some reason, this sets off something in my head that says this is a dream.

This is where I wake up, and notice that I've got blood on my hands. Literally. Dried blood. I'm not lying. I fall back asleep.

I end up getting talked into buying cell phones for these girls who I don't even know, and then they proceed to leave without even a thank you. We, me and my friend Rob, go out and try to track them down, we walk past wig shops, and then my alarm goes off and I want to hit the snooze button because I want to know what happens. But I get up, and now it's time for me to wash this blood off my hands.