Another fine day until I got alone. I tried to play my guitar, but I kept fucking up. I took off my boots and got a twisted ankle, and I think I'm getting arthritis in my left pointing finger. I'm only fucking 22 years old.

I tried to do several artistic things today, like every day, but they all failed miserably. I hate this. I hate this lonliness that I can't get away from without my girlfriend. And when she's around, sometimes I want to be alone, and I can't win. I feel the near uncontrollable urge to break something. At least it's before winter break, where I can relax with some books and a forced downtime from the Internet.

It's times like this I'm glad no one I know uses everything2.

At least I don't really have the two girl situation to worry about anymore. I'm too crazy to really concern myself with it. Finals Week is next week. After that, I'm going home and hopefully avoid a nervous breakdown. I know I can't work, esp. in retail hell. The more I think about it the more I want to be an professor or something. I want to play music, too, but no one wants to play anything like me. And, besides, I suck.

I'll be fine tomorrow--I'm pretty sure. I hope. Time to sleep.