I'm not going to lie. The first third of the movie was pretty awful, but necessary to establish the characters. The only reason why it stayed in the VCR was I demanded we give it five more minutes, like, 5 times. After that, it stayed, though I was the only one really watching.

But the rest of the movie came like a train. You know it's coming, and it isn't going to stop. You watch as Selma (played by Björk) aquires habits that keep her employed, and then has her hopes . . .

The last thirty seconds of this film are etched in my psyche. I play the soundtrack, Selmasongs, a lot.

In this role, Björk makes me uncomfortable. I see her face as she pushes up her glasses every time I push up my own. She's there, and she ain't getting out.

Problems: the film could have been up to a half hour shorter if they had just hired a good editor.

Besides Bjork, a cool but very small performance by a woman named Siobhan Fallon who played a prison guard Brenda, maybe accentuated because I've always seen her in comedys, like Men In Black.

You might really, really, really, hate this movie, and I understand. I guess I am alone in my little group of friends, but then again, I liked Eyes Wide Shut, too.