After Bobby Brown left New Edition in 1986, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe, decided to get together, and in 1988, after New Edition's last tour, they recorded their debut album, which had an assload of different producers, including some from the Public Enemy camp.

Bell Biv DeVoe had recorded something much different than New Edition, more sex, predominantly. You may recall the video for their song "Poison," which was cool that it simply showed the legs of women in the background rather than the other, more boombastic, blatently exploitive videos of the day. Another hit was "Do Me!" which this noder is slightly glad that he cannot remember.

Their second real album, Hootie Mack, didn't fare as well as the first. In 1996, the members of this group reunited with the rest of New Edition. Aww. Albums:
1990: Poison
1991: WBBD-Bootcity!--Remix Album
1993: Hootie Mack