Alyx Vance is one of the key characters from Half-Life 2, the upcoming FPS from Valve. Alyx is a daughter of two scientists and probably a scientist herself. May be a soldier as well, who knows what she had to endure on this alien-infested Earth. Doug Lombardi, Valve's director of marketing, calls her "a child of this new world". Her mother, whose name is unknown, was killed by aliens (or the government) in Black Mesa, during the events of the original Half-Life. Her father, Eli Vance, the only black scientist in the original Half-Life, is alive and back in the sequel. Like Gordon Freemen, Alyx and her father also work for the G-Man. Although the details are not yet known, they probably will help Gordon in his quest to uncover whatever mysteries are there in Half-Life 2.

With 5000 polygons, Alyx is definitely the most detailed 3D-game female character today, and with the results of facial musculature research at UCSF and at Valve, she is also the best animated. In addition to convincing facial animation, realistic AI and emotions, seemless lip-sync and natural eyes that glitter, blink and follow other characters just like in real life, she also has natural and convincing breast animations that leave Ms. Croft in the dust.