An alcoholic beverage which is available in three “colours”: red, blue and green.

Red: The original Aftershock is based upon a simple Vermouth like Cinzano with cinnamon added to it. It has a similar flavour cough syrup or Atomic Fireballs and, as such, tends to be more pleasant than traditional drinks like Vodka.

Green: Green Aftershock has a menthol-like flavour and is the strongest of the three drinks, covering the taste of anything else it is mixed with.

Blue: Also known as "Avalanche" (Thanks CzarKhan), this has a taste which is difficult to describe. It simply tastes “cold” and sweet.

The manufacturers of the drink claim that it increases in proof the longer it is left in the bottle due to the formation of crystals within the bottle.

Aftershock can also be used to make a "Gas Chamber", a drink which is set on fire and the vapours inhaled, or can be mixed with Sambuca and set on fire to make a "Buka-Boom". Both of these drinks are very potent.