What this noder forgot to mention is that Weymouth's newly elected mayor, the not-so-honorable David Madden immediatly purchased a new car after taking office. The town has also sold it's future short by allowing a Virginia developer to build the largest mall in New England on the grounds of the former South Weymouth Naval Air Base. Weymouth also has had year-round water restrictions because there isn't enough to go around for all the soccer moms and yuppies that move into the suburban sprawl that is South Weymouth.

And despite having winning acedemic teams, Weymouth still has some of the worst standardized test scores in the Massachusetts. The schools are atrocious hellholes, and the spectacular acedemic preformance mentioned by Woundweavr is often done by a chosen few, who have been heavily pampered and prepared to draw attention from the condition of the public schools.

Plus the town was founded in 1622, not 1623, when a settlement was established at King's Cove in North Weymouth.