Sometimes when you’re listening to music it just doesn’t matter what the singer is saying. The music is just so incredibly cool that all you can think of is absolutely nothing. Nothing but how insanely perfect this music matches the rhythm in your soul. The Black Keys sound something like that.

Imagine that brother of yours who for as long as you can remember has locked himself in his room with his electric guitar everyday in an attempt to be the next Jimi Hendrix. You curse the day your Dad bought him that guitar. Then one day, you come home, the amplifier is up full blast with his door open because he doesn’t think anybodies home, and you hear him. You really hear him play for the first time and he’s just going to town on that god damn devil instrument. No inhibitions, just solid minor pentatonic scales and blues, blues, blues. Take that, add a voice that sounds as if it is being channeled through a Crate amp and add a drummer. This is the Black Keys. They will rock you like a black George Thorogood (only they are actually white).

Also, these dudes have played with The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. And if you don’t already know who they are, well, I just have nothing to say to you.

Right now they are signed with Fat Possum Records. New album is called Thickfreakness.