Queen Bee is also an eclectic boutique items-dealer, operating out of Olympia, Washington. Every Queen Bee item is unique because each one is hand-made, and customizable. They sell purses, wallets, journals, belts, and t-shirts.

The company is run by Rebecca Pearcy. Her creations first came to attention of music fans with her now oft-copied handbags made from old 45 vinyl. Incased in sheer plastic, Queen Bee allows the prospective on-line buyer to select the color to be placed by the vinyl. Her bags and wallets have also been known to incorporate images from Wonder Woman and the Mexican Lotteria cards. Chances are you've seen these choice artifacts around town if you live in the Pacific Northwest or the Bay Area. Her products can often be found at stores selling Paul Frank or Yum Pop products.

Rebecca Pearcy says:

Queen Bee items are particularly unique because you have a hand in choosing the design, colors, and decorative images that make up the final product. So, you won't find anything else quite like them anywhere! A lot of thought and energy has been put into making each and every item different and special.

Personal Testimony:

My girlfriend owns a handful of her products, one that I have put forward the money to purchase. They aren't cheap, but they are worth every penny. The time and care put into these "true, American artifacts" (as Mr. Childan would say) show in every seam and every compliment she garners walking down the street with a Queen Bee purse or when she brings out her Frog Lotteria wallet.

Queen Bee products are available online at http://www.buyolympia.com/queenbee/