Do you see this? This is my card, it says reality technician. That's my job. I like to tinker. There's some changes to be made, and my toolbox is ready.

There're a couple different sides to this line of work. It really can go any way. Sometimes there's the dark ones, and then there are the light ones, and then there are the ones who just know, and in knowing pursue the path. We have all kinds here.

I'm not keeping my other clothes under these overalls for nothing. I know my time here is limited, and I'm going to have to redress my self Immediately, so that He will see me. So that my skin glistens, projecting a million rainbows and delivering the radiance that I know will come to me.

There's certain things even I can't change, but I'm not looking to. Well, maybe I am. I'm stuttered.

Happy Halloween. may darkness penetrate all of your lives as much as light, and let you take it all in and reconcile your doubt, forming a coherent vision of the universe that will guide your lives into true bliss forever.

Listen to some Oingo Boingo today. Listen to some godspeed you! black emperor today. Hell, listen to mee. And then turn on the television, or read the newspaper, and then get really scared.

The shits going down, and we're all sitting in it. Some of us are throwing it around, dirtying so many faces. Soiling. End metaphor,(you should have know better).