I haven't written a daylog in a while. I'm now an employed member of society once again, working as a file clerk at a law firm in downtown Portland. The people there are very relaxed, and nice to me. It is a small office. I do lots of filing from 8am-11am every day. Which is good with me. Pay is somewhat low, but more than the usual around here. Not like the pay in San Francisco though, but that was another time, another place. I flooded that town in the last novel I tried to write, but that too was another time, another place.

However, I am writing a new novel now. And I'm loving the raw energy the project creates for me. I'm doing research on audiology, I'm theorizing plot mechanics, and I'm writing in a less abstract way, at least for the first part of this book. In practice, I'm a writer who wants my words, the structure of their paths, and my paragraphs, and characters, and everything about whatever it is that I am writing--to be the moment. Everything about it. The Moment. And I strive for that, often through alliteration, free association metaphors, and twisted instincts. At least I strive for it. Well, I am worried already that with this project I'm not a good enough writer to attempt it. Plot-wise its like nothing I've ever done before. But conceptually, it is the culmination of the things I've been thinking about for the last many years, that I've given names (somewhat arbitrary at times, but also sometimes "whispered" by external forces) to previously. And though it has been a long time since I've tackled the great sage, much of my projected theories about the nature of sound, and so-called "episodic vibrations" have been derived from those experiences.

So anyway, I wanted to tell you all about some of the ideas I have developing for this novel. It has really been helping me to talk about this, even to my self, but really to anyone I feel at least somewhat close to--you know, to solidify my positions on things that I'm usual so... liquid about. (And you know, if any of you tell me that someone has written this exact story, I'm going to keel over. But really, if you know of a story like this already, let me know-thanks)

Ok, maybe it is 2012. Sometime in say September. Several individuals including one Dorset Ames, a computer programmer named Charles Dearly, United States President Lissajous, and characters as of yet uncreated begin to experience some strange audiometry phenomena. Dorset Ames, for example begins by hearing what's playing on other people's headphones through his own. This audio hallucination has a way evolving (over the coruse of the book) into picking up voices... transmissions...eventually several voices layered over each other (this is also happening to other characters as well). There becomes a point of singularity to these voices, brought on by a triggered human perception in combination with oscillating fans via computers, bathrooms. This singularity is a voice in and of itself. A very inviting voice. So inviting it is almost as if one could go inside of the voice and find a place... a different way to exist. Lots of emphasis here on the additive and cumalitive effect of sound waves, and the physics of vibrations.

Another arc of the story is playing with the thought of novelty in Terence McKenna/Mayan/etc. Timewave One studies. There's more to it than all of this, of course. But that's what I'll offer for today. I hope that I can keep focused enough to finish this thing. I need it. I need to feel I've accomplished something greater than just paying the rent (which is incredibly hard as it is) and maintaining a high grade point average writing mediocre essays for college.

Mo'eng, youthful folly
Youthful Folly has success. It is not I who seek the young fool; The young fool seeks me. At the first oracle I inform him. If he asks two or three times, it is importunity. If he importunes, I give him no information. Perseverance furthers.

A spring wells up at the foot of the mountain: The image of Youth. Thus the superior man fosters his character By thoroughness in all that he does. (everything i-ching for today)