Today I am 23.

Birthday wishes:

  • A new body. One that doesn't already seemed used and second-hand. With a stomach that can digest food in a normal way, with weight modification happening in response to food rather than a constant 112 pound stick. One without mysterious side pains that send me into panic attacks at night.
  • Mind/Body Creativity Focus. This can be expressed in me actually accomplishing something, like finishing any of the dozens of novels I've started. Or starting a forward-looking experimental band. Or suddenly coming across enough money to buy the technological and commerical space needed for my reality modification devices.
  • That my cat, She-Ra would stop twitching her ears and being driven insane by it. That I could reverse time and choose not to drop the anti-fleat POISON on to her neck, thus causing the twitches. That I could afford to take her to the vet, and that I was philisophically, morally, and responsibily prepared to deal with her being ill.
  • World Peace? C'mon already.
  • A new house, preferably in SE Portland that I can afford, that will also afford me a private space to call my own, away from people's ears and eyes, so that I may concentrate on my artistic work without the embarassment of making strange noises into a microphone while my girlfriend reads a book on the couch.
  • To feel like I was at all suited for this world. That the things I learned while young had actual bearing on reality. That a social network existed that would prevent me from going insane, that was also outside of the mass social apperatus that is driving me insane.
  • A DV Camera.

...And I think about life and I think about death,
and neither one particularly appeals to me...