Thus the image of the Judgment
Preponderance of the superior Image
Thunder on the flying bird
brings the Image of the Small.

it is light in his back Still; So that he gives
Preponderance to strive upward,
The interference: grief!

Longitudinal studies show the mountain.
Thus the Image, Thunder. He
No longer
feels his bereavement
he no longer
feels his expenditures he gives
there is light in a turpentine tunnel

Keeping his body. Small:
things may be the Image of the
Judgment to grief. Small: things may be done;
great things may be done. The image of the image To
strive upward, it is not to permit his people.

To go beyond his bereavement he
gives preponderance of the Image
of the Judgment interference;
radio And flow in
which it is not
he will be the interference;
feels his courtyard conduct
let no blame. The ebb And flow
in bereavement he gives
Great things
may be the message.

The image of the image of the image of the Image of
Preponderance to remain below.
let me minimize the interference.
we are all i-ching.