My girlfriend's wallet was stolen yesterday, from the backroom of the store she works at. The wallet was a beautiful Queen Bee, long and orange with blue trim and a Mexican lotteria card with a frog on it. They've already charged more than $200 on her bank card, which is the entirety of the money we have in all shapes and forms. She gets paid on friday, but its not like she can cash her check or use the money when she cashes it. Rent is due soon. I hope that stuff works out. Her credit cards were stolen--doesn't really matter though, all of them were maxxed out anyway. Her ID, which was for another state--making it very hard to get a replacement one with photo... Her social security card, and oodles of other fun, personal stuff.

Quite a pisser.

As for me, I'm poor as shit lately. But that's ok, its the hole I've dug for my self, may as well grow grass from stomach and call my body a playing field for the world's walk and catch. The distance from this point until where money will be accessible again will extend beyond the food supply located within our secret lair.

I've been making a lot of new music lately though. Real exciting stuff, to me, for making. Sound poems. Love it.

Good day to all.