I recieved a call from the British high commision today. Happily, they have approved my visa application (no - not the credit card). I say happily because I have already paid for a one way ticket to sunny London. It's in the UK (for the geographically challenged). The plane ticket will come in handy as I'd rather not have to walk there from Australia, especially in the summer heat. Oh yeah, it's going to be winter over there in December isn't it? Eep. I can only hope that my body doesn't go into some sort of temperature-difference-induced shock upon reaching my destination.

That should probably read "our destination" as I am not alone in my sojourn across the globe. No, I am planning on taking my SO with me! Someone's gotta earn the money while I sit in pubs drinking warm beer eh? That is what you do in England right? We prefer wrestling crocs and throwing boomerangs down here but I'm sure I can adjust.

Sorry where was I? Ahh yes, visa application - it's an ancestry visa which allows me to stay for up to four years if I so desire (can you hear the Crocodiles sigh in relief?) With any luck I'll be able to attend some kind of UK noders' gathering whilst touring the mother country. My only concern now is what football jersey to buy (I think I'll just go by the majority at whatever pub I grow to call 'local', I don't want to start an international incident after all.