As I stand here on the cusp of level 3 I find myself contemplating my first node audit. Perhaps node reconstruction is a better term as I intend to repair rather than just statisize. 67 nodes probably doesn't sound like a lot but from where I'm standing it's like looking up at a teetering mound of unstable semi-satisfactory writeups. I'd better ready the scaffolding. It's gotta be built to last or it won't (um)...last. Complete strangers are gonna be reading this stuff... That's quite a bit of responsibility for someone as consistently irresponsible as myself.

/me cowers in fear

...In other newz...
I got my indy tickets last night! Ok don't all get excited at once, but to me it's worth writing about. If anyone wants any merchandise from the event /msg me and I'll see what I can do (sorry, the miss indy entrants refuse to be sent via post). The whole thing has turned into a bit of a road trip so hopefully i will live to tell the tale.

All else in my life is stagnant and/or immeasurably uninteresting.

Ack! I lost experience, no hang on...there it is.