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Carparks have been around (probably) since cars themselves. The concept of the [parking space] is obviously quite closely related to that of the [car] so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the [carpark] has become almost as much of a [status symbol] as the [vehicle] it contains. Several people in my workplace seem to hoard their spots as if it were their lifeblood, but one must ask the question:

Is a parking space really worth losing my job over?

Yes, that's right - there is a real life basis for that line and the related event did in fact, occur just [yesterday]. Firstly, here's the saga from my point of view:

([dRiVeN] is sitting at his desk, doing a little testing in regards to a problem he is working on)

The company's production manager storms past, staring daggers at all who happen to notice

([dRiVeN] elects not to inquire or even acknowledge Mr [Juggernaut]'s passage until...)

A loud crash is heard from the direction of the back door[just out of dRiVeN's line of sight|*] which is then thrown open and slammed in one swift (and powerful) movement

(quietly, [dRiVeN] glances around the carpet [divider] to witness a set of gaping cracks and large hole in what previously appeared to be quite a sturdy door)

A heavy silence descends upon the usually cheery office. The office manager (and [head honcho] in this neck of the woods) rolls his eyes and follows out the back door.

About a minute later the Production Manager storms back in through the front door, makes a quick left and dissapears into his office where he proceeds to stew for about half an hour...he is later seen carrying a box of possesions out to his car before he dissapears

So what happened? Let me tell you...

First though, a bit of background: The [production Manager] is rather fanatical about his car and comes in most [weekends] (his own time) to prune the surrounding gardens and trees so that no [shit] falls into the carpark. Out of respect for this it has always been an [unspoken rule] that a spot is saved for him. The [Office manager] either doesn't know this or doesn't [care] (he is quite new in this office) but has said on previous occasions that [he] would like a park left for him around the back (as is his right).

On this particular day our [fearless leader] drove in to find that there were no spaces free for him. Picking a car at random he pulled over, walked up to the office and requested that the owner of that vehicle kindly [remove] it to make way for his own. Being so unused to this treatment the [Production manager] was outraged (you'd see why if you knew the amount of work he puts in to the gardens) and argued the point. It turned out to be a losing battle for him so he [stormed] out, smashed the [door] and moved his car - coming back in through the front entrance.

Evidently this angered him enough to whip up a quick [letter of resignation] (or maybe he had one prepared earlier), submit it and clean out his desk!

Update (the next day): I assume that the job of [Production Manager] (in this sense)is quite a specialised field 'cause as soon as head office recieved the [letter], the offending individual was offered two weeks of [stress leave] if he would stay. The offer has been accepted (I suspect he feels quite foolish now) and the door is already being bogged and [painted]. Life goes on. I suspect his days are numbered though as there is already talk of training up someone else in a suspiciously similar area.THE IRON FIST OF MANAGEMENT CRUSHES ALL WHO OPPOSE IT!

Keep it real.